In Giornico, apart from the beautiful old village, the vineyards and the unique island in the river Ticino, there are many other interesting attractions and specialities. Some tips in advance...

For cultural history lovers

Museum of Leventina

The museum is characterised above all by a particularly rich and importante collection of objects, works of art and historical documents.

For architecture lovers

Museum La Congiunta

The museum "La Congiunta", a modern building by the architect Peter Märkli. Reliefs and sculptures by the artist Hans Josephsohn from Zürich.

You can get the key to the museum at the Osteria Giornico (Via San Gottardo 37).

For art lovers

Fabbrica culturale Baviera

The "fabbrica della cultura " is the centre for contemporary art of the writer and gallery owner Silvio R. Baviera. It is located in the former textile factory in Giornico.

For horse back-riding lovers


On the back of a horse through the wilde Leventina valley. Eva Arnoldi and her team offer riding courses and trekking in the Leventina. From January to June, the horses are just 200 meters from is said that she is the best western rider in the south...

For bouldering lovers

Ticino Bouder

The Ticino valleys are an ideal place for bouldering fans. Test your limits on the famous boulders of Chironico/Giornico. the way our bnb is about 500 meters away from the first famous boulder... 

For  hiking lovers

Via Gottardo - SwitzerlandMobility

From Giornico there are many beautiful hiking trails where you are often alone. The Strada Alta, for example, is known as a sunny path above the valley. But the Strada Bassa is also exciting.

For bicycle/bike lovers 

North-South cycling route

There are many bike tours in the Leventina. For example the tours Passo del Sol, Bassa di Nara, Alpe dei Piai. In addition, the North-South cycling route no. 3 passes about 600 metres from our house.

For nature and bathing lovers

Right next to our house or in many other places at the Ticino River there are beautiful bathing spots. In Biasca you can enjoy the pool of Santa Petronilla waterfall and the great view over the lower Leventina. You reach the Lago Maggiore after 40 minutes by car. We will be happy to recommend beautiful spots to take a bath or go for a swim.

For grotto lovers

Grotto Pescatori

The Grotto Pescatori is a typical Ticino grotto offering honest kitchen with local products. The grotto is located along the river Ticino and is about one kilometre distance from us.

Further on the Grotto dei due Ponti and the Grotto Rodai are also offering a nice ambience and are located in the village of Giornico.

For vine lovers

 Vini Bettoni

On about two hectares of land in Giornico Renate and Corrado cultivate the grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Bondola. 

For pizza lovers

Buon appetito take away

Fresh, homemade products to take away: Bread, pizzas, pastries, sandwiches and daily specials.

...and for those who simply love to enjoy a coffee or beer in the village pub

Osteria Giornico - run by Mary and Amos in the center of the village (Via San Gottardo 37). At the Osteria you can also get the keys to the museum La Congiunta and the churches of San Pellegrino and Santa Maria del Castello.